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I recently got a new computer, and I've been downloading more and more music to my external hard drive both on my previous computer and this one. About a month ago I tried syncing my phone with my computer (Which I use MediaMonkey to do) in order to update my music library. Unfortunatly even though it deleted almost all the music that had been on my phone before, it left "ghost" copies of the 4361 songs that I deleted previously. So now that I have even more music I'd like to delete all the old music from my iPhone4s and the fake copies of songs, and then I can make sure that it's all gone. I can't delete all my music with MediaMonkey. And unfortunately, because my phone has never synced with this computer and because it's an iphone4s on iOS7.1 in the case that I use iTunes (which has to be iTunes 11) I have to delete everything (music, apps, books, and the like) which would require me to find all the apps I never synced with iTunes, organize them again, and would remove all the app data. I do have all the app data folders from my old computer including the iTunes ones, so hopefully that will help. I looked at what I might be able to do with manually managing music and videos, but there's no way to delete them. What can I do?

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With no answer in sight I stumbled upon a method while trying to delete all my music. It turns out that in my case my iPhone4S can still delete all the music it has on it by simply deleting the music in the location in settings which I tried before, and then restarting my phone and letting all the songs that still listed there play through. The songs as it turns out aren't actually there, but it has to play through them to realize (and it restarts the phone every 50 songs or so with how many songs I have) it then skips every songs as soon as they try to play, so they aren't there coming back. –  Ethan722 Apr 25 '14 at 13:26

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