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To be clear, I am not asking for function right, which sends me to the end of document or space, which scrolls one screen height. If I am viewing page 31, I want to jump so that the top of 31 is at the top of my viewer, or the bottoms of 31 is at the bottom. I read a lot of articles on my macbook, and the pages are always to long for single page viewing, so I have to manually scroll through them, which is annoying and bad more my flow.

If there's no answer to my exact question, is there a way to scroll down a fixed amount that isn't a whole screen-height? Is there another PDF viewer that has the functionality I want? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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I usually browse through pages with Cmd and Cmd.

If you're somewhere in the middle of page 31, then going back a page (with Cmd) and going to the next page (with Cmd) will get you to the top of page 31.

I do not think there is anything like this for jumping to the bottom of a page.

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Hmm. Cmd → isn't doing anything for me. What version of preview are you using and what OS? Also, what view setting are you in (e.g. continuous scroll, single page...)? – ShamelessAppleFanBoy Apr 16 '14 at 22:32

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