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I'm not exactly sure what terminology to use... In some advanced file manager apps (such as xyplorer2, XYplorer, or Total Commander) you can define your own columns for extra file information in "Details View" of a directory. Windows has lots of built-in properties that can be accessed (for example 'BitRate' for .mp3, 'Dimensions' for .jpg, or 'Pages' for .doc or .pdf). I find that when using the "Pages" property, my file managers will display the number of pages present in a Word doc, but not in a PDF file. I tried opening, then closing some of the pdfs so the pages could get "calculated" but that didn't help... An XYplorer forum member indicated that pages numbers for PDFs does work on his computer and that I should install PDF-XChange. I already have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI installed (on Win 7) so it surprises me that the necessary resources are not already present on my system... I posted a question at the Acrobat forum, but no answer there... Anyone have any thoughts on this? Many thanks. -steve

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