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I changed the computer properties so that it doesn't log onto a domain anymore, but unfortunately I restarted the computer before I added a new user. Now, I am faced with a logon screen (not the welcome screen), and I know one of the usernames and the password on the old domain. I also have no idea what the Administrator password is on the local computer.

I am unable to log back onto the original domain (where I have administrator privileges), because the local login screen does not present any options for specifying the domain. I also can't seem to change it back to a domain computer, since I have to login first (which I can't do). How would I go either getting this machine to log back onto a domain.

Rebooting in safe mode still asked me to login, so that's no help..

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When you disjoin a computer from a domain, you can only login to local accounts. If you still have a username and password from a local account, you should be able to bring the pc back into the domain.

If you can't however, the only alternative is to reinstall windows.

You can try entering [pcname]\Administrator without any password or [domain]\username with the password you know. The domain one will likely not be accepted if you properly disjoined the domain as there is a thrust issue now, but you can still try that. You can also try [pcname]\username from the domain and hope that the user is still cached locally.

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You can use Offline NT Password & Registry Editor to reset the local administrator account's password so you can log in. The web site includes CD images that you can boot from and launch the tool.

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You could try ophcrack

Or, way faster:

  1. boot with a live linux from stick
  2. Locate sethc.exe (google first what its path is in xp)
  3. Locate cmd.exe and copy it
  4. backup sethc.exe and replace the original with the copy of cmd.exe (rename it)
  5. Shut down and boot with windows
  6. On logonscreen, press five times SHIFT
  7. Cmd will pop up
  8. Enter control userpasswords2

Create a local account

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