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I have a text document in PDF format, 200 pages, which I need to edit. I thought about doing OCR, but the quality is not really great, and OCR does not work well. Then I wonder whether I could somehow improve the quality of the PDF file so that OCR works better next time; is there a way to improve the quality/resolution of PDF text files on Mac?

PS: text can not be copied/pasted from the PDF file, it is only images.

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I doubt it. You could try putting each page through photoshop or gimp or something and running some kind of sharpen filter, but honestly, having done this several times, it's just easier to clean up the text of a bad OCR read than it is to clean the input.

Play around with different OCR engines to see if they produce different results. I used Tesseract for a job that required me to OCR and clean some 80 pages of text from several different languages, and that seemed to handle it fairly well.

It's time-consuming, tedious work, but there really is no easier way.

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