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Looking for Xvnc that has the RENDER extensions enabled. Only one i've found is the realvnc's one, but i'm unable to compile.

I'm working on ubuntu jaunty amd64.

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what's preventing you from compiling it? – quack quixote Nov 23 '09 at 14:43
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There's really not a lot of options out there. You might consider using NX technology instead of VNC -- see FreeNX, NeatX, and OpenNX for open source versions, or NoMachine for a commercial version.

Here's the status of all VNC servers I know about:

  • RealVNC Free version. Fix your compile issues, and reconstruct the patch from this 2006 report that allowed Xvnc + XRENDER to work. The patch link seems to be dead, but reconstructing the patch from his sources may be possible.

  • RealVNC Enterprise Edition supports XRENDER in v4.5. Unfortunately, the only supported Ubuntu versions are the LTS versions and 7.10-8.10. If you are willing to buy a license key, I'd contact support and see if they have a beta build for Ubuntu 9.04.

  • xf4vnc claims XRENDER support. There's no package for it, and it's been around a while, but it seems to still have some activity. It seems to require modifications to XFree86 drivers, which is why there's no Debian/Ubuntu package. But you may be able to compile and install locally.

These provide a VNC server module to an existing Xserver. As such, if you can configure an underlying Xserver with Xrender support, you might be able to use one of these.

  • Vino, GNOME's builtin VNC server, seems to.

  • krfbb, KDE's version.

  • x11vnc, a VNC server not tied to any desktop environment.

The following VNC Xservers do not provide XRENDER support insofar as I can tell:

  • TightVNC
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Thanks for the reply; i was already using neatx, works fine but my project requires to have a 'web' display, so vnc is the only solution i've found so far. RealVNC Entreprise edition is working fine; but i don't know if we could afford to pay $50 for each instance of running server. RealVNC free edition seems to be the best solution so far; but i doubt i can have the skills to compile it from scratch. – Disco Nov 24 '09 at 14:23
I don't know if you could help me for this, i'd be pleased to reward you if you could provide me with a compiled version of the realvnc with xrender support. Would you be interested in that project ? – Disco Nov 24 '09 at 14:25
no. (15 chars.) – quack quixote Nov 25 '09 at 15:49

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