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I am trying to setup a PC with the following setup:

  1. Dual boot, Win 7 and Win 8.1, each with their own partition.
  2. Both partitions encrypted with BitLocker
  3. At boot time, I select the OS I want to launch
  4. After booting, only the partition for the OS I booted is accessible.

The goal is to make the data in the Win 8 partition inaccessible to the Win 7 partition, and vice versa. So, each system is totally isolated from the other (aside from the possibility of deleting or wiping the partition).

Is a setup like this possible? From what I've read about BitLocker so far, it seems like it encrypts the drive, and then you enter a password at boot time to decrypt it. But I don't want to decrypt everything. I want two separate passwords, one that decrypts only the Win 7 partition, and one that decrypts only the Win 8 partition. Looking for guidance on how I would set this up.

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