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Sometimes, my laptop is providing me with very strange behavior. When i have several (10-20) tabs opened in Opera or Chrome, uTorrent running etc., nothing special, in such casual conditions happens this thing: My browser freezes for 1-3 minutes. Everything is sooo slow for many more minutes... Even opening any program can take more than 3 minutes, or writing a simple text here can freeze for 5-10 seconds.

Task manager shows that Processor is used for 10-30%, memory usage is 50-80% (> 1GB memory still available), HDD usage around 50%. Even presing CTRL-ALT-DEL can take 5 minutes to respond. And doesn´t matter time after restart - it can occur 10 minutes after it as well as 10 days... Why can this happen? Is Windows 8 capable of fully utilizating power of my laptop? Any ideas?

Sometimes this happens because of uTorrent - i experienced it before and tried some new settings to diminish this. But there was at least 100% HDD usage explaining factor... Now it happens even without running uTorrent and with HDD not fully used.

I use HP650 with Intel I5 like processor (B980), 8 GB RAM, also using RAMDisk for boosted performance. OS is Windows 8 64bit.

Thank you very much for any answers or hints how to avoid this USD :)

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capture some xperf data of the slowness: pastebin.com/at7DyJxm –  magicandre1981 Apr 17 '14 at 18:20

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