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I backup lots of gigebytes files in to myproject.tar.gz, and compress success without errors. Now, I want to decompress all to an folder "myprojects".

adan@adan-Latitude-D630:~$ tar zxf myproject.tar.gz  -C myprojects/
tar: myproject/androidsource/prebuilts/ndk/current: Cannot create symlink to ‘8’: File exists
tar: myproject/androidsource/uboot/include/configs/amlogic:  Cannot open : File exists
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

It is my first decompression, and the folder is empty, I am sure the file is not exist in "myprojects" folder when decompressing, why are these errors happened? how to uncompress my backup file without errors? Could I ingnore it without any harmful?

thanks for your help.

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Sounds like the tar file has duplicate entries for some names. Show how you created the file. –  Barmar Apr 26 at 22:10
I create the tar file using gnome package manager. right click the target folder, and compressed it. –  gladman Apr 29 at 8:44
Are you possibly untarring it to a filesystem that does not support symbolic links? –  esperanto Oct 24 at 8:16

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