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When I download the xp version of VirtualBox from and run it, it alerts me about not being windows logo tested. It then suggests that i stop the installation, or continue at my own risk.

How much of a risk factor is there for this particular product, and has anyone successfully installed it if they got this message as well?

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There should not be a problem.

Drivers have the ability to serious damage to your computer... Basically, anything they want as they get loaded into Windows at a much lower level.

Basically, if you can imagine software being high, if software breaks - it is just a matter of terminating it, where as if a driver crashes, it can bring down the entire machine.

Microsoft offer a lot of testing under the WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) and it basically means that they guarantee it will work and not crash anything - basically, anything that has the logo is compatible with anything else that has the logo.

There is nothing wrong in using non logo certified devices, but the warning is simply Microsoft's way of saying, don't come to us if it breaks!

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are you done scaring the living daylights out of poor Cyclone? i'm using VirtualBox for years in most of its versions ever released on a variety of Windows operating systems and have yet to experience an 'entire machine' brought down, nevermind the 'serious damage'. :) – Molly7244 Nov 24 '09 at 3:14
Where have I said anything incorrect?... Re read it, especially my last paragraph – William Hilsum Nov 24 '09 at 3:18
not saying 'incorrect', just the way you said it almost scared nyself into some psychic trauma :) – Molly7244 Nov 24 '09 at 3:26
I had to read the whole thing first to make sure you were suggesting I go ahead and do it lol. Thanks, the installation was a success as expected, and I am currently having fun messing with Chrome OS ;) – Cyclone Nov 24 '09 at 22:37
Brilliant, and I hope I didn't scare you as Molly thought I may have done! – William Hilsum Nov 24 '09 at 22:43

just continue the installtion.

VirtualBox is perfectly safe, the warning you receive is related to the unsigned driver for the virtualbox host-only ethernet adapter.

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Alright. What is the risk factor? What are the chances it could harm my computer? – Cyclone Nov 24 '09 at 2:42
Okay, thanks! [15 char limit] – Cyclone Nov 24 '09 at 2:43

In most, but not all, cases the warning has been successfully ignored.

However, VirtualBox ticket 1752, includes a comment from a user who received the the Black Screen of Death after ignoring the warning.

Ignore at your own risk!

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