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Just trying to get my phone paired to my Windows 8.1 PC via bluetooth for two things:

Speakerphone and headset (so calls come via my PC headset when connected to my phone over bluetooth) and HID (remote keyboard and mouse) so I can control my phone using my computer.

Under Windows 7 there were no issues; get the latest Broadcom WIDCOMM software, install it and it had both profiles.

Unfortunately, it seems as if the Speakerphone / headset profile has gone missing under Windows 8 / 8.1. I installed the latest WIDCOMM from Broadcom; tried drivers from different vendors that use the same chipset (Lenovo/HP) - nothing.

Using the same USB adapter (BCM92070) under both OS's but it just seems the stack is missing for Win8.

Anyone know if there is a way I can get both speakerphone and HID profiles working? Even if it means getting a new dongle, any suggestions? I assume a different dongle will be from a different vendor as Broadcom seem just not to have the stack, as the hardware clearly supports it as it works in Win7.


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