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I want to host multiple domains of my clients on multiple servers. For example 10 Domains on ServerA, 10 Domains on ServerB etc.

So basicly, I want all my clients to have "" and "" as their nameserver. And I would assign them to my different servers as I like. (so for example goes to IP1 and goes to IP2.)

Is this somehow possible to archieve? Where would I assign those different servers?

Thank you

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Yes, that’s no problem. It’s basic DNS, that’s all. Where does Windows Server 2008 come into play? – Daniel B Apr 26 '14 at 10:28
Ok Thanks. Im still thinking which os to use :D – Guest199283 Apr 26 '14 at 10:33
Try AWS Route53. – Neutralizer Apr 26 '14 at 10:38
If you are in the web hosting business and not in the DNS hosting business then you SHOULD NOT host your clients DNS. You can assist them in creating the appropriate DNS record at their existing DNS host. – joeqwerty Apr 26 '14 at 15:46

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