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I have a Vista and 2 Ubuntu partitions and can boot to all 3. But on Vista I deleted an Ubuntu partition and the computer cannot boot to anything.

So I burned a SuperGrubDisk, and it could let me boot to Vista, but the other choices "other OS" cannot boot up. Is that the case? I thought it could boot to the other Ubuntu that wasn't deleted?

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you may be able to simply recover the partition table, as in this answer to another Q:

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Ok, maybe SuperGrubDisk is supposed to boot up Ubuntu as well. But none can be booted up because either due to SuperGrubDisk, Win 7 installation disc, or Vista's Disk Management tool, my other Linux partition was deleted too.

I guess that's why the note always says: always back up your data (while in reality, maybe 3% of the people have a back up device and also have the time and energy to back up 320GB of data?)

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