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I have an ASUS X551M that I am trying to boot from the CD ROM. When I go to the boot menu the screen says:

Boot Option #1 Windows Boot Manager

Add New Boot Option Delete Boot Option

There is no option to boot from anywhere else! Please help!

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To get the ASUS X55U to boot first from the DVD drive do the following:

  1. Press “ESC” or “F2” to enter the BIOS setup
  2. Under the “Boot” tab, enable “Launch CSM”
  3. Under the “Security” tab, disable “Secure Boot Control”
  4. Save the changes and exit
  5. Press “ESC” or “F2” to enter the BIOS setup again
  6. Under the “Boot” tab, the DVD drive and available flash drives will appear. Set the DVD drive as the first boot option.
  7. Save the changes and exit

Now the X55U will first attempt to boot from the DVD drive. Moreover, if the boot menu is accessed, the DVD drive, hard drive, and USB flash drives (if detected), will appear as boot options.

see http://www.canbike.ca/information-technology/2013/03/12/asus-uefi-boot-from-cd-dvd-x55u.html for visual examples showing how to do this.

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Under the boot tab there isn't the option "Launch CSM" –  stacy lawrence Apr 30 at 0:45
How about step 3, does that work? That is the actual thing you need to change is the secure boot option. Not too sure what Launch CSM is actually referring to. –  Richie086 Apr 30 at 21:18
This is correct but you must first ensure you have the latest BIOS from ASUS. I didn't have the LAUNCH CSM option until I updated the BIOS and that was the only way it will work. –  user319944 May 2 at 10:27
ESC nor F2 seem to work for the ASUS X551M. Any other possible keys? Does Fn need to be held down? –  J E Carter II Nov 14 at 20:30
After applying updates for windows, Restart becomes an option and Del launches BIOS directly while Escape launches boot menu. Thanks! +1 –  J E Carter II Nov 14 at 23:06

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