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I have a client who doesn't want to upgrade to OS X because of licenses, and needing to update software etc.

The last time I did some browsing on his computer, using a very old version of Internet Explorer (I think), a whole bunch of porn got downloaded onto the desktop, and the browser locked up (I think this was from some free driver site).

What could you recommend?

Is there a secure browser for Mac OS 9?

Is there a way to automatically take all the Mac OS 9 software (e.g Quark) to OS X?

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Well there's really no such thing as a secure browser, some are just more secure than others and Mac IE 5 (the version you have) is particularly insecure. You could search around for other OS 9 browsers but they're unlikely to be noticably more secure than what you have, things have moved on a lot in the last NINE years since OSX has been out.

As for automatically updating, no there's not, simply because you'd need to buy the newer versions of all the code.

That said I think that if your client cares about their business they should invest in new hardware and software as what they have now is unsupportably-old and likely to be a major risk to their business.

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As far as I know, the only two browsers for Mac OS 9 still in (more or less) active development are iCab and Classilla. Both are no match for modern browser like Firefox or IE with respect to Javascript/CSS support and stability, but probably a lot better than IE 5.

That said, I agree with Chopper3: Do explain to them that they will have to upgrade sooner or later, and explain the problems they are incurring by not doing so.

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While it was possible to move from OS 9 to OS X without losing all your programs (with Classic), Classic was removed from the operating system starting with Mac OS X Leopard. At this date and time they've waited too long without needing to upgrade if they purchase new hardware. They can try and get used hardware and run Mac OS X 10.4 with Classic but they'll need to upgrade their versions sooner than later.

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