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Something has screwed up my ability to sign into certain accounts with Chrome. It seems to possibly be a problem with how it handles the POST method. I have tried re-installing with no luck. I believe it started with a program from Iorbit.

Any ideas on what file I need to fix? It is only Chrome.

To elaborate further, Google search works and I can sign into Chrome, but all other forms do not post or send. It is most strange. I suspect that I could wipe Google from the computer and get it working again, but have not because of stored passwords and bookmarks ( that I could export but would rather not). This has to do with the form object handling within the browser itself from what I can see. I suggested that it might have to do with the POST method, but I now wonder if it is not the action that is not. I can say that the data in the form itself is not transferring or sending because I have a site with a comments form that calls the PHP script but only inserts data that the PHP script collects. the $_POST data coming from the client side is null.

As I write this more of the problem becomes clear, and I see what it is now but not where or what file i need to fix.

Iorbit program was advanced system care pro, and not to be malicious but I suggest not using it as it wipes thing that it should not. I believe the problem occurred with the browser speed up and privacy part of the program. In retrospect I know better than to use programs like this but I was looking for a maintenance program to save me time, and they never do.

One thing to add I think I can post fine to superuser and stack overflow, but I sign through Facebook. This is where the debugging gets weird, as it doesn't hold true to a pattern that I can see.

So I inspected elements on several pages that do not work and on this one that does and found errors on one and warnings on another and this one but no difference in the overall structure except this form has many div elements in it but should not effect the POST value of the method attribute, so again I cannot find the common denominator here causing the problem. Most strange.

Added note no virus programs running except MS Security essentials.

Update: did some file checking and can say that Iorbit is bad stuff, found logs of scans and a privacy scan that I expected to wipe browser issues deleted files from the user/picture file and other logs had similarly non threatening files and system files deleted. IORBIT IS BAD. I hope that line gets in the search engines, so i'm putting it in the title.

Obvious solution: wipe drive and clean install, windows overlay may work as it should re-write system files, but all programs in question should be uninstalled prior and all relating files wiped.

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Could you develop this a bit further? What error message do you see (if any)? Which accounts does this happen with? Which program from lorbit are you referring to? –  user1301428 Apr 30 '14 at 16:47

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