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I was going to try to access regedit to try out Indrek's answer here, because i wanted to do the option one here (couldn't open flag+r), because when I try to access the disk management from the control panel to change the drive letter it looks like this and won't load:

Screenshot 1

When i try to run regedit.exe I get (rough translation): regedit.exe - invalid dump ulib.dll isn't meant to be run on Windows or it had an error. Try to install the software again or contact admin bla bla

Screenshot 2

I've been having constant memory leaks/problems these days like crashing to blue screen. My computer has frozen 3 times already today before I post this. During those freezes I started getting a pop up every time i booted my computer that something wanted to run, but it didn't have an assigned software for it, so I ran it in dev c++ and got this: 851k lines of errors. the cpp file is here. I couldn't upload it to pastebin or put on quotes because of the length.

I have Windows Vista 32-bit, 3.00GHz Duo, 4GB RAM and Nvidia 9800gtx+

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run sfc /scannow from a cmd, started as admin. – magicandre1981 Apr 30 '14 at 18:31

I had a look at the cpp file and saw the following lines at the beginning involving terms about Minecraft: --27 achievements --195 recipes --Setting user: Brother\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\Diagnostic.log,

All the errors are java related about files not being found. I don't understand java but just looking at the file path being referenced I can see there's an issue.

Let's take one file path: C:\Users\Dear Brother\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\stats\stats_brother\appdata\roaming.minecraft\diagnostic.log_unsent.tmp (Määritettyä polkua ei löydy).

Can you see how the Appdata\roaming.minecraft is repeated twice in that file path. That shouldn't be: it should be just once.

As a test, you could suspend or remove java from your machine and take your testing from there. Maybe that will help with the other issues. Hope that helps and good luck.

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