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For some reason there is no audio coming from my system when I go in to the bios it should make a sound but it does not so it's nothing to do with Windows and yes I installed the correct drivers. Also with Windows when I play a mp3 file it doesen't output the sound.

Should mention that this only happends when I plug in something to the audio jacks such as a ear phone or speakers but when I plug in a usb headset I get audio but from nothing else and I have not tried HDMI as I don't have a HDMI cable but probably the same issue there as will.

So could it be the sound chip? I don't know how since the usb audio is working fine but with my luck it might be lol..

Here's some basic PC specs:

Motherboard: Asrock FM8AAX Extreme 4+ CPU: AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon HD Graphics RAM: 4GB PSU: CaseCom 500W Graphics: Using Onboard THis should be enough specs

The board is only around half a month to 1 month old so I don't really fell like taking it back for warranty and have no computer for 2 days or who knows when

Things I have tried: A bios update to the latest Connect a usb headset: Some results but doesn't fix the jack side of it Troubleshooting in windows, The OS just says there's nothing wrong basically Tried setting the speakers as the default audio

So yeah i'm now officially stump on what to do, Everything was working fine A 3 days ago and when I played a song yesterday that's when i found out.

What else could I try? and what could be the issue?

The board is only half a month old and everything is connected on the motherboard fine

Thanks hope I can resolve this issue:@

I do anything for anyone that can solve this issue as I desperately need the audio and a fully working system

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Didn't catch what the onboard audio was ? If you installed the drivers for that, then you should have some sort of control through Windows. Right ? This control is either through Windows (basic control for Playback and Recording i.e. the Mixer) or very likely you also have software that is part of the driver. Realtek for example has their own software. All that aside, most of the onboard audio and the audio input and output jacks on the computer are software/hardware sensing. You probably know all this..........So, if you plug something into the jack,then many times a pop-up will ask you what –  user319630 May 1 at 5:38

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