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(1) After cloning my root partition to an SSD and breaking and fixing things a number of times along the way, my system no longer shows the outputs from the rc-scripts on the console during boot. I can see the kernel messages (the things dmesg would show me) though.

(2) To diagnoese the problem I tried to boot directly into bash by providing init=/bin/bash at the boot prompt. But this doesn't work. I see a message "bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1). Inappropriate ioctl for device". And there is never a bash prompt. If I use "sash" I don't see this error, but a welcome message and still no prompt-

(3) The stranges thing is that adding "S" to the label at lilo's boot prompt used to boot into single-user-mode. This no longer works: it boots into runlevel 3 (at least it starts the display manager). Adding "1" however does work.

I believe there in one thing these issues have in common: something is wrong with my console. This explains why (1) the messages are not shown. Booting into a shell (2) also requires a terminal, and I believe suloging which is invoked when going single user (3) also needs one.

Otherwise the system runs fine. Any ideas how I could proceed to diagnose this?

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