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I'm trying to start SpiderOak in a headless mode from a command line on Windows 7. After the application starts I would like to be able to close the command line without interrupting the process.

According to the manual, the parameter for no-GUI mode is --headless (

c:\"Program Files"\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe --headless

I've tried:

start "" "c:\Program Files\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe" --headless

But when I close the command line window the programm closes.

When I don't add the --headless parameter, everything works fine

start "" "c:\Program Files\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe"
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I cannot help you if you persist to start SpiderOak from the commandline.

However if your goal is just to start SpiderOak in no-GUI mode and forget about it (I needed that), this is what you have to do:

  1. Create a shortcut to the SpiderOak app.

  2. Open its properties and add the paramater in the shortcut section: "C:\Program Files\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe" --headless

  3. Save and close

  4. Now you can also move this shortcut to the autorun if you want.

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You could try to configure a windows service that will run SpiderOak. Try with and without --headless. I've read that systray icons may disappear when run as a service, so leaving this parameter out may prevent this (and still give you the no-window feature).

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