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On my laptop's hard drive I have two partitions: C: and F: (Logical) with C: being the primary partition (currently has Windows XP on it)

In my F: partition I have Windows 7 Ultimate (RC build 7100).

I want to format my C: (Windows XP partition) but I can't do it because it has the boot manager/sector on it.

How can I format the C: partition and switch the boot sector the the F: partition without using any CD Media (XP or Win7)?

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Easiest way is to delete everything you do not need on the drive like the Windows and program files directory, along with everything else and then using Windows 7 Disk management, simply shrink the drive to it's smallest size and extend the F drive to fill the additional space.

Apart from this, the easiest way is obviously just to delete the partition, then extend F and with the Windows disk just run the startup recovery utility which will automatically recreate all the system files. Just curious, How did you install Windows 7 in the first place?

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I mounted the ISO of Win7 RC when it was downloadable and used some windows tool to make a virtual drive, then ran it. – Omar Nov 25 '09 at 0:51

I was going to say use fdisk /mbr but it seems it has been moved to the recovery console, which you may or may not have installed -- seems like you need to install it with CD-Media so not sure if it will work for you or not.

Microsft Recovery Console

EDIT Found this post about the recovery console that may help you out

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