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Could you tell me how to get timestamp of created date of file and rename the file name with it by JavaScript, Perl or shell on OSX 10.9.2?


Existing: Untitled.txt timestamp is 2014/05/03 01:01:01

New: %prefix%_Untitled_20140503_0101.txt (seconds is not necessary)


I'm having strange things that the timestamp is changed looks by microwave/V2K technology frequently. But I have to know when it's created. because these are evidence of the matter. Please kindly help.

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Get the creation time of the file use stat command. The output will be in seconds (since unix epoch).

  • -n option suppresses the newline at end of output.
  • -f permits use of "printf" formatting. %B is the creation or "birth" date of the file.

    D=$(stat -nf'%B' your_file)

Then use date -r option to input date in seconds. The +%Y... aargument specifies the date format.

   DF=$(date -r $D '+%Y%m%d_%H%M')

The bash scripting would be something like this-:

 export PREFIX="your_prefix"
 D=$(stat -nf'%B' your_file)            # seconds since creation time of file
 DF=$(date -r $D '+%Y%m%d_%H%M')             # formatted creation date/time
 mv your_file "${PREFIX}_your_file_${DF}.txt"  # rename the file
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Thank you for your answer but What I would like to know how to read the time stamp of file and rename the file name with time stamp. sorry about my English. – Juza May 5 '14 at 5:13
No worries - sorry about the confusion. I've changed the answer to suit your requirements. – suspectus May 5 '14 at 9:11
No problem - I'm happy you have a solution. – suspectus May 6 '14 at 8:19

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