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Is it possible to get VMWare to automatically grab focus when I move over the window of the virtual machine, and release focus when I leave, and use the same position for the mouse ponter, rather than a different position inside the VM?

I've tried to do this by installing VWare Tools inside the VM and having it running (icon in notification area), and by setting Edit -> Preferences -> Input

  • Ungrab when cursor leaves window
  • Hide cursor on grab
  • Grab when cursor enters window

These setting don't seem to make any difference. I'm using VMWare Workstation 6.05.

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It should do this by default when the tools are installed and it does with me when VMware Workstation is the active window.

I would advise you upgrade to the latest version - VMware Workstation 6.5 should be a free upgrade for you.

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Reinstalling VMWare Tools fixed it.

To uninstall: Go to Add/Remove Programs

To install:

  1. In VMWare Workstation go to VM -> Install VmWare Tools... This makes a virtual CD available to the VM.
  2. Execute setup.exe on the CD.
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