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Can someone please provide a list of OPEN-SOURCE (not just free) Anti-Virus software for Microsoft Windows:

Ideally this list would have the following:

  1. The more exhaustive the better
  2. Ranked in order "best" to "worst"
  3. Which products have these following "basic" feautures:
    1. Multiple actions to take on a potential threat that is discovered:
      • Delete the threat
      • Quarantine the threat
      • Allow (and remember action) the threat
    2. Ability to set a default action to take
    3. Auto signature-updating
    4. Real-time scanning/monitoring
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Product recommendations and debate or list type answers are off topic on Superuser. There are regular blog posts on the Internet that list out the best and worst anti virus softwares. –  Mokubai May 5 at 9:27
well, that's just it. I can't find an blog articles regarding open-source anti-virus comparisons. –  CherryValley May 5 at 9:35
@Mokubai, my apologies. I've since learned about softwarerecs.stackexchange.com. How would I go about moving this question there? –  CherryValley May 5 at 13:52
Sadly you can't migrate to beta sites so it may be necessary for you to create a new question there. –  Mokubai May 5 at 13:54
@Mokubai Out of curiosity, would I lose my upvote points if I deleted this question? And, is that on both the question, and answer? –  CherryValley May 5 at 13:58

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This is the ONLY REAL solution that I've have found:

CLAM Anti-Virus

It seems to be the most popular / well-known product, and pops up on all searches. But, I've found very, very little discuss about it AT ALL. And, I don't see anything else on StackExchange anywhere. It certain HAS NOT been included in any reviews OR lists (on a blog somewher) elsewhere that I can find.

If someone does know of another source of info for this product or any others, please indicate here.

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AFAIK, this is the only one (which is relevant). As for your question itself, you'd be better asking at softwarerecs.stackexchange.com –  EliadTech May 5 at 10:05
ClamAV is a detection engine, not an actual antivirus. Didn't you mean ClamWin Free Antivirus? –  and31415 May 5 at 13:29
@and31415 I'm sorry, but what's the difference between a detection engine and an AntiVirus? –  CherryValley May 5 at 13:47
@and31415 And for that matter, what about these 2 sites: CLAM Anti-Virus and ClamWin... are they both legit? –  CherryValley May 5 at 13:49
@CherryValley Yes, both sites are legit. The difference is that ClamAV is not a standalone product. In fact, if you check the download section you'll see that what you're actually getting is the Immunet antivirus, which is not open source - unlike ClamWin. The latter is based on the ClamAV engine, but doesn't offer a real-time scanner. –  and31415 May 5 at 13:50

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