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Having some audio driver issues with my HP laptop, it comes with beats audio. None of the effects in the manufacturer's control panel work, and I can't find music listenable on my headphones without a bass booster. If I uninstall the driver and use the generic Microsoft one, the sound works great and I can enable effects in the "enhancements" tab of the sound settings.

However, within the last few weeks, sometimes when I have headphones plugged in with the Microsoft driver I get no sound. If I unplug the headphones, the sound comes out of the speakers just fine. This doesn't happen with the manufacturer's driver. Any suggestions as to what I should do, allowing me to get the audio effects I want without weird compatibility issues?

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This helped me a lot with Crap HP driver.

  1. Install latest driver which is Audio IDT 6.10.6491.0 2015/09 sp63555.exe
  2. Apply reg path to disable "enhancements".
  3. Restore Tone Bass/treble at 0 in standard Windows audio control panel.

After many attempts, Finnaly a good audio !

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00













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