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I have two completely separated machines between which I have to transfer several huge virtual disks (>500G each). The link between the sites is too small for the task at hand.

I am using only one 2TB portable drive for the copy.

Altough copying them to the portable drive is limited to the drive speed, on ext3, deleting 2TB worth of these >500G files takes a lot (>20min).

Is there any filesystem better suitable to delete huge files fast?

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Why will you need to delete anything? It seems that you just need to copy and copy again –  soandos May 6 at 3:07
Are both the computers and portable disks USB3? If not then file system overheads won't matter as USB2 will only achieve around 40-50 megabytes per second. Otherwise your only limitation is going to be to use any file system except fat32. –  Mokubai May 6 at 6:14
I need to delete files after copying them to the new machine to free space to the next files. @soandos. –  motobói May 6 at 18:59
You need to tell us more about WHY you are doing this. There are several strategies that spring to mind but which might be right depend on what you are trying to achieve. –  Julian Knight May 6 at 20:04
@motobói I'm still not getting it. You have 2TB of free space. You are trying to move less than 2TB. Its one trip. –  soandos May 6 at 22:12

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