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I'm an ex Opera user so, simply because of how I am used to certain behaviors, I wanna create them in chrome. For instance: All new tabs should open at the end of all tabs, not next to the current. There is an extension for that, so its all working fine. Now, in Opera it was like, when you close any tab the focus goes to the tab that you last used/looked at before this one. In Chrome it just shows you the one in front of that tab, order wise. Is there any way to change that ?

Example situation: Browsing News page, opening 4 new news items in new tabs, looking at one, closing it, it should bring me back to the news list that I looked at before that. But currently it would just bring me to any of those other items, which ever is in row.

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FLST Chrome(Focus Last Selected Tab) seems to do both of what you're asking.

Feature Set:

  • Natural Tab Ordering :: when the selected-tab is closed, Focus goes to the Last-Selected-Tab
  • Multiple Window Support :: private tab ordering is maintained for each window
  • Tab Migration :: tabs are also tracked when dragged between windows
  • Options Page :: right-click the extension icon and select Options
  • (Option) Tab-flipping :: flips the current and last tab
  • (Option) New Tabs :: switch to the new tab when created
  • (Option) Tab Location :: place new tabs on the far-right

PS. I haven't tested this.

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