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I have my posts public on youtube/googleplus, basically the same entity now, and I can't find a way to see all of the comments I have made. I have been at this for about an hour and feel like an idiot. The best thing I have found so far involved searching based on usernames or content. Normally, I don't complain with a big change to something like youtube. Change is always hard/new, but this interface is infuriatingly obtuse.

Is it possible to see ALL of the youtube comments one has made in the past, preferably in chronological order?

Or do I just have to wait until they randomly bubble up to the top of my googleplus page?

Isn't googleplus/google+ a terrible choice for a name that has to be referenced by typing symbols into search enginges where plus/+ has a different meaning than the word 'plus'? Google is straight slipping with this one.

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+1 This would be nice to have, i suggested auto play from one of my 3 youtube accounts and i cant find it now! –  tgkprog Feb 2 at 14:31

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It's currently not possible to see all the comments you've ever made.

However, if you haven't unchecked the "Also post to Google+" checkbox when you write a comment, you should be able to see all the comments you've ever made on YouTube in your G+ profile at plus.google.com/+[your username or id]/posts.

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