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The list of users one can click to log in from the login screen has disappeared. This is what I have done so far:

My C:\Users folder was in reality a NTFS Junction that pointed to D:\Users, so when D:\ was unavailable due to a temporary hardware problem, I got into some problems with my setup.


  • removing the junction pointing to the other volume
  • copying all the profiles back into C:\Users
  • mucking around in the Registry in the HKLM.../Windows NT/CurrentVersion/ProfileList and reverting any profiles that had gotten a .bak postfix
  • setting the "Flags", "RefCount" and "State" values to 0 in the same key (I only did this on my own user accounts - not all)

logging in finally worked as before.

With one difference.

The login screen no longer showed the list of available users! Previously I could just select an icon, but now there is only an icon for the last logged in user, as well as "Other user". I have tried many tips so far, most of which involve fiddling with config settings available through gpedit.msc. Any tips on how I could restore the easy login that is the standard?

I wonder if I could delete any of the other register keys in ProfileList. Any clues?

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Have you started to use Active Directory users rather than local ones? – paradroid May 8 '14 at 0:32
Njetski - no changes. – oligofren May 8 '14 at 7:09
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You should delete all superfluous profiles in ProfileList. The changes you did might have left some corrupted ones. Refer to this answer for more complete explanation and details.

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That was it! I exported the whole ProfileList key with all its subkeys so that I could later revert the change if needed. I then deleted every profile in the list, except my own and the other users. Upon reboot the list of icons was back! – oligofren May 8 '14 at 7:11

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