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I have some textboxes in word (some containing text, others dropped on to text with complex formatting)

I have set the autoshape to 'rounded rectangle'

The problem I have is that on the larger shapes, the corners are more like circle arcs.

i.e. unlike in visio, the roundyness of the corner seems to grow proportionally to the size of the shape rather than staying put

Is there a workaround for this?

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Yes, you can do it by dragging the yellow diamond handle that appears in the upper left once you have selected the shape.

Sourced from

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Very important in order to get the yellow diamond, you need to put your shape in a drawing zone – AncAinu Jan 30 '15 at 20:30

I do not believe there is a precise way to do this, but sometimes I have a need to match the radius between different sized rounded rectangles. Let's say I have two rounded rectangles, A and B. If B is smaller or larger than A, then the radius is inherently different. To mitigate this, I make a copy of A and place it behind B. Then I use the yellow diamond to change the radius of B such that it perfectly matches A.

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Am guessing by the lack of response that this is not possible.

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