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I have a tar file of 40Gb but when I open it with the archive manager on Ubuntu I get only 512MB. The major part of my files are messing. Even when I do :

tar -tf myfile.tar.gz

I don't get the list of all my files. When I create the file I used the command

tar -zcvf myfile.tar.gz myhomefolder

And then I stopped the command as I don't want to compress (it take too long) and run :

tar cvf myfile.tar.gz myhomefolder

On Windows when I use 7-Zip I get this error :

There are data after the end of file

The problem is that there's a bad end in the file. How to do to remove that end. What are the software that can make open the file in binary mode or something like this. How to do to get my files?

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First tar cvf myfile.tar.gz myhomefolder should be tar cvf myfile.tar myhomefolder.

Second you could try tar xvf myfile.tar.gz.

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