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for quite a time my windows 7 explorer showed me thumbs for jpg files as plain image, but overlayed the filetype icon over thumbnails for mp3 and avi files.

now few days ago i installed sagethumbs—an shell extension to provide thumbnail preview of psd, dds, pdf etc files. From that day on thumbs for jpg files started showing the windows default jpg-icon as overlay, which is rather unsatifying.

Now if i turn the display of the file icons as overlay off via explorer settings i (of course) lose the overlay and have a.o. a hard time differentiating between source psd and a rendered jpg file.

So my prefered thing would be to have no file-icon-overlay only on specific 'basic' filetypes (jpg,png) and an overlay on all others—somewhat similar to default behaviour. How can i achieve this? (except setting the filetype icons for those 'basic' filetypes to a transparent one)

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