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I have a lot of PDFs and many of them may be corrupt. Rather than checking each one, how could I check them all at once and delete any that are corrupt?

Using Linux. I also don't have a way to get the md5sum of the books, so that's out.

This can either be done with a shell script or I would be interested in learning how to write a C program to do this. But again, my main problem is that I don't have anything to compare the md5sum to.

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The Multivalent project includes a PDF validation tool that seems to fit your requirements.


Examines PDFs at a selectable level of detail and reports errors. Quickly check for invalid or damaged PDFs in your archive, or validate a freshly downloaded bunch of PDFs.

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What you are looking for is file format validation. Perhaps JHOVE - JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment would be useful.

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