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I currently have ufw and Firestarter installed on my Ubuntu Desktop 9.10

Which one should I stick with?

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Please define "best" first! Why do you need a firewall at all? Does your desktop have a direct internet connection? What services do you run that have open ports? – innaM Nov 25 '09 at 13:47
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Both UFW and Firestarter are iptables based firewall frontends.
You should basically stick with the one you find comfortable and supports configurations you want to do.

Here is an ArchLinux wiki page on Firewalls that compares both of these and a handful of others.
And a LinuxQuestions discussion: confused about apparmor, ufw and firestarter.

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I use UFW and change the default ports being used by the services like FTP and DNS.

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As commented by Manni, it really depends on how you intend to use your computer.

UFW and Firestarter are essentially front-ends to the same back-end (iptables). For a typical desktop use, I find that UFW is the easiest interface to use.

Atch... I see somebody else posted almost the same answer while I was typing! :-|

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