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I copied 3.62 GB of data on to a re-writable DVD instead of erasing it. Now there is no data on the disc but it shows used space as 3.62 GB and 690 MB of free space. Now I am unable to erase my disc. What should I do to erase the disc and get the space back?

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On a side note why are you wasting your time with DVD-RWs in this day and age? 4GB USB sticks cost less than a cinema ticket. Regular DVD-Rs cost less than bubblegum. – Manos Dilaverakis Nov 25 '09 at 14:39

You aren't supposed to format a DVD-RW. Use something like CDBurnerXP's erase function:

alt text

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Another free alternative:



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if you don't want to install additional software, use InfraRecorder Portable.

Go to Actions > Erase/Format Disc...

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As stated elsewhere, you need to erase the DVD-RW before using it again. I have a very simple low profile program I use called Active@DVD Eraser located here:

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