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I actually asked this in HP support forums and their Customer Service Rep., but no one knows whats going on.So, I am throwing open this question here , esp. so that some Geek Squad guy, who has seen this before can give an insight into what could be happening. Problem - "b" , "n" ,Caps , "-" , " >" ( right cursor ) , "END" group of keys stop working abruptly.

This is a Elitebook 8460p under warranty. Neither me nor the tech. field support is able to figure out what's going . At the outset - If you feel ANY of the above letters missing in the write up , its because I did not ,"toggle invoke" my virtual keyboard . I just had the keyboard changed , & this problem still persists in fact it has gotten more persistent after the new keyboard change . Earlier -it was more fluctuant than it is now . My options are to change keyboard, system-board or both . Keyboard change did not help so far. Before I try the system board change I wanted to throw open this problem . I read SIMILAR posts in previous threads on HP support - but NONE of them have been able to identity the root cause -they are in fact all Incomplete , where the last post from the asker still shows no resolution. Did anyone run into the problem and figure out where it hits ( software or hardware ? ) . All the diagnostic tests are normal .

I downgraded the keyboard driver but the problem still persists .My best hunch on this is that , one specific strand of connection from the keyboard to the system board isn't working & that maps to this group of keys .It maybe that the corresponding system board connector for this is not working. A hardware key-map document ( which circuit strand maps to which keys ) will confirm this. I have a dual boot environment with Ubuntu & when the problem is present in Windows its also present in Ubuntu. USB keyboard works just fine.

Another observation is that once these set of keys are dead, the keys B or N ( think most times it is B ) brings back alive this dead bunch , like 50% times ( for the rest - I am stuck and have to use a work around )

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intermitten problems like these are more often than not hardware related, especially if pressing certain areas bring it back to life. software is fairly easy to test by booting from a USB live image and doing a bios update. Hope that helps a little. – Stephan May 11 '14 at 14:44
BIOS is up to date. When it fails - it fails OS regardless - in Linux and windows – user1874594 May 11 '14 at 16:00
In that case it is most likely a hardware issue. Never had the problem on my 4 year old 8540W so cant draw anything from that. – Stephan May 11 '14 at 16:12

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