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When I'm running Remote Desktop and I close a window, I get a little nag dialog box that reminds me that my programs will keep running and that I can reconnect later. Thanks, RDC. I know. Then I have to press OK before it will actually close the window.

How do I disable this dialog?

(BTW, I'm runnning Win7, but the dialog is there in all versions of Windows.)

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I find that message also extremely annoying. A simple checkbox "don't show this again" would have been very welcome :) – Stormenet Jul 3 '10 at 15:57

This will auto press the OK, and you'll almost not see it at all.

Install AutoIT

write a script with a command like this

WinWaitActive("Remote Desktop Disconnected")

Run that before opening RDP.

If you get creative with your autoit script, you could have it always running, or launch only when you launch rdp client, etc.

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