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I am trying to set up an Internal Network with the following Guest and Host OSs on a Virtual Box

Guest OS 1 : openSuse

Guest OS 2 : openSuse

Host OS : Fedora

The Guest additions have been configured in both the guest OSs.

I have set up the Network Adapter 1 as NAT

enter image description here

And that of Network Adapter 2 as Internal Network with Name as inet for both the Guest OSs.

enter image description here

But when I log in to both the Guest OSs I do not get to view the IPs of the Internal Network.

enter image description here

Both the Guest OSs are fresh installs with a minimal Version downloaded from SuseStudio (A server version). I manually installed gcc, make devel packages. These were needed for the installation of Guest Additions.

I have successfully managed to setup the Shared Folders for both the systems.

enter image description here

What am I missing here? What would be the correct way to set up an Internal Network so that I may be able to communicate across systems in the virtual box.

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