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I want to print my excel document, it has box border, but I can't see them on print preview and when I print the document, borders are not printed. Page margins are narrow enough, Page Layout tab > Page Setup dialog > Sheet tab > see if Draft Quality is not checked.

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If you are using Microsoft Excel 2010+ (i.e. a version later than Office 2010), Navigate to the Layout tab. There are 4 sub-sections there namely: Page Setup, View, Print and Window.

Under the Print sub-section, check the Gridlines option.

That should do it.

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I had the same problem with Excel 2010. If I printed directly from Excel the borders would not print. I had to save to pdf as a work-around. I tested every suggestion I found in the forums to no avail, then I tried disabling a recent Excel add-in that Adobe pushed out that allows you to save as Adobe pdf from the print menu in Excel. Once I disabled the add-in, the borders started printing again.

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I had the same problem where I had created some small cells with a surround border for the purpose of entering a check mark if a condition applied. The complete cell border would be visible and would print prior to anything being in the cell but when I entered a check mark the left side of the border would disappear. What solved the problem was to change the cell format type from accounting to text.

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