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I'm trying to check the existence of several files, without knowing in advance where the files are located. So, I thought of find as the de facto utility to do this... It works as expected, but the problem is that it does not acknowledge the non-existence of files, that is, if a file does not exists under the searched directory then, as you will expect, it's not showed in the results.

I guess this is fine, as the find command is meant to find files, which actually exists in the first place (d'oh). But I wonder if there's a way for the find command to return a message like "File not found" or alike, to inform that the file is not there, instead of failing (or succeeding) silently.

I thought that maybe I could workaround the problem by using find's return code by querying $?, but even when the file is not found the return code is 0.

Just an example of what I have...

find . -name 
find . -name 

and what it returns in case the only file in there is


What I would like to receive is:

./directory/ not found

Does anyone knows of a find flag or any other workaround I can use?

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you could try find . -name foo | grep \/ to set the exit code.

grep looks for any / in the output and returns exit code 1 if none is found

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Genius! I can use: find . -name foo | grep \/ || echo "File not found". Thanks! – jimm-cl May 13 '14 at 15:40

I don't think find has an option to say 'what you looked for was not found'.

You can count the number of lines returned by find and if it's 0 print the 'not found' message. Something like:


# put find output to a temp file
find . -name '' > /var/tmp/find.tmp.$$

# count the number of lines
COUNT=`wc -l /var/tmp/find.tmp.$$ | awk '{ print $1 }'`

if [ $COUNT -eq 0 ]
   # find didn't return any results, so print message
   echo " not found"
   # find returned results, print them
   cat /var/tmp/find.tmp.$$
# remove temp file
rm /var/tmp/find.tmp.$$

That will print the output of the find command if there were any results or ' not found' when no results found.

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Sounds like a good idea in case you want to create a wrapper for find, but in this case I just wanted a simple one-liner just to be aware that the file is not there. +1 anyway, cause as I said, it's a good idea. Thanks! – jimm-cl May 13 '14 at 15:41

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