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I'm using Gnu emasc 24.3 on Windows 7 and normally I don't have any problems with speed/responsiveness.

I'm launching Emacs with the runemacs.exe

However, when I am travelling and try to connect to my company network via VPN (or just working offline without a connection to the company network), Emacs often becomes incredibly slow - it might take many minutes to open a buffer and it just does not respond to keyboard commands.

All relevant text and configuration files are saved in my user directory C:\Users\myusername.domainname\Documents which is located on the local hard disk (so should not need accessing remote servers), but I wonder if Windows 7 might try to sync those files with a server

I'm also using the "offline files" feature for other directories and I wonder if this could have an effect on my problem.

EDIT: the problem occurs not only when VPN is used, but also when the computer is just offline and not connected to the company network.

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