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I'm visiting a web site that is opening an Excel file in a new window.

From one PC (Windows XP, IE8, Office 2003), everything works. By works I mean that the new window appears, and I'm asked to open or save the .xls file. When I click Open, the file is opened in Excel in the new browser window.

From two other PC's ((Windows XP, IE7, Office 2003) & (Windows Vista, IE8, Office 2007)), I cannot access the file. The new browser window opens for about half a second and immediately closes. The Open/Save dialog is never shown.

All popup blockers have been disabled, I believe.

What setting is causing this?


More info:

I think the web site is streaming the content to the browser with the ContentType = application/ Opening excel files directly (clicking on hyperlink to xls file) works on every PC.

Opening up the same content in the new window as a PDF works on every PC. Acrobat is loaded in the new browser window and displays the content.

I have also cleared out my Temporary Internet Files directory, and the "Microsoft Office Control" IE add-on is enabled on every machine.

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Go to tools/internet options/security/custom level and check if "Automatic prompting for file downloads" is disabled - it was for me with the exakt same symptoms!

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Are ActiveX controls allowed to run ? Check via Internet Settings -> Security settings

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If access to the file (or the whole web site) is protected by some user credentials, then maybe (though not likely, as you're using IE) this is caused by Microsoft Office Protocol Discovery.

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