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Computer: Asus S56C- runs windows 8.1 So a few months ago my cat knocked over a cup of milk on my laptop, and I quickly removed the battery and took the computer apart to dry, etc. and everything was working fine except I accidentally unplugged the ribbon cable attaching the audio jack and a usb port. I didn't worry too much about it because it wasn't a huge inconvenience. Yesterday my dad said that it was really easy to plug it back in (I couldn't figure out how at the time), so we took my laptop back apart and plugged it back in and everything was fine. The speakers had been working before this, and the audio jack worked for about an hour. I paused a song and when I hit play again it wouldn't work. I took the headphones out and the speakers were also not working. However, when I use an HDMI to plug the computer into my tv the audio works through the TV. I ran the windows diagnostic which said it didn't detect any problems, and made sure the speakers were actually enabled. I uninstalled and reinstalled the audio driver (Realtek something or other) about 10 times. I checked the BIOS thing and audio is enabled. No, my computer is not muted. It detects when I plug/unplug headphones and the usb port on the same ribbon cable still works fine. Whenever I test the speakers windows acts as if there is not problem. I also did a system restore to about a week ago. Still no sound.

If anyone has any idea what could be wrong it'd be greatly appreciated. I don't even know if it's a hardware or a software problem at this point, but my computer recognizes the speakers/headphones and says they work fine so I feel like it's software. I don't know though.

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