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My mother has managed to change her DSL PPPoE password on the ISP side, but doesn't know how to change it on the XP side. I tried for a half hour over the phone to find it (remote assistance didn't work), but I haven't had a PPPoE connection in about 10 years so I didn't come up with anything. Google only managed to find me ways to create a new connection, not modify an existing one. There isn't a 3rd party connection program in play here, starting Firefox is enough to initiate the connection.

How do I change the password stored on XP for a PPPoE connection? The modem is connected directly to the computer, no router. Its an AT&T DSL line, but I doubt that matters.

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Start > Control Panel > Network Connections

There should be a connection listed under Broadband (connection name / status / WAN Miniport / PPPOE)

alt text

Double click to open the Connect dialog:

alt text

Make sure to enter the correct user name and password, then click Connect. Windows will "remember" the settings if the box Save this user name and password for the following users is checked.

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