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I'm aware that you can change the general "location of configuration files" under the General Option of preferences. My requirement is this:

My User Profile folder by default points to %APPDATA%\foobar2000. Would it be possible to change this through some registry setting or the likes.

I want my user profile folder to point to a customized location. Say for e.g i have a dropbox folder(i don't, i use syncplicity, but i digress..) and wish for my profile setting to get backed up through multiple PCs. I need this user profile folder of foobar2000 to lie in a place where i prefer.

Is this possible?

Many thanks K

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I don't believe there's a way to change that (indeed, the thing appears to be completely portable), but if you're on Windows Vista, or 7, you can use symbolic links to perform this task. I'll use the example of dropbox, because that's what I do:

1)Change the config directory to the application directory. Move the config file into your \My Dropbox folder (with foobar off)
2)Go to a command line and cd into your foobar2000 directory.
3)Run mklink /H foobar2000.cfg "c:\path\to\your\my dropbox\folder\foobar2000.cfg" 4)Start foobar, everything should work fine.

This works for any file, and mklink /J does the same for any folder. Symlinks are like shortcuts that nobody can tell are shortcuts, and combined with something like dropbox they're perfect. There IS still a file messing up your hard drive to link to it, but that's a necessary evil (and you could try attr +s +h foobar2000.cfg on the symlink itself, to hide it from most file views)

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Thanks Mate... a great workaround. Surprised though, that something as "configurable" as foobar, doesn't have this option. Cheers – Kaushik Gopal Nov 27 '09 at 11:15
It's weird, isn't it! – Phoshi Nov 27 '09 at 14:46

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