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So I had several versions of Visual Basic / Visual Studio on my PC. But there was nothing that wanted to start anymore, so I decided to delete all.

Here after tried to reinstall everything(Visual Basic 2010 Express or visual studio 2013 express for desktop), but now I come to this error:

He say .NET Framework is not installed, but i have also a recenter version.
There is a problem with the .NET Framework.

Picture of the error: http://i.stack.imgur.com/ryatO.png

I know that reinstalling Windows is also a possibility, but then I lost my licensed programs.

I have also seen this similar question: Visual Studio 2010 fails to install with “Error occurred during setup”
but the indicated solutions were not working.

A little more information: my pc is running Windows 8.1 and it is 64 bits.

I hope my question is clear.

Thanks in advance

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