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This question is similar to, but not the same as: How to play multiple videos side-by-side synchronized? Difference is that videos I try to playback has different/offset starting point. The answers given in that question has not solved my problem.

I am trying to playback camera from ROV, diver 1 & 2 at the same time. On video on each monitor. The videoes has different starting point, about 4-10 seconds offset. I need to be able to first setup so all the videos have the same sync and the be able to playback all three video at the same time, i.e. "normal" playback functions (play, pause, stop, reverse, forward). Videos are also split up unevenly so bonus for letting me setup a sequence of playback.

Operating system Windows 7

All videos has same encoding:

Width:              704
Height:             576
Field order:        Lower field first
Pixel aspect ratio: 1,0909
Frame rate:         25,000 (PAL)
Pixel format:       8-bit
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