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I did an upgrade of 11.04 into 13.04 and it has failed miserably.

Now I want a fresh install, hopefully saving my /home directory. I use centos on my other machine and do not have access to a macos anymore.

What I was able to figure out some time ago (sorry no links):

I need to create a dmg image of an ordinary .iso install image. libdmg-hfsplus will do it it seems.

I should copy this onto a vfat-formatted pendrive partition with dd while the pendrive is not mounted.

When putting the pendrive into the macbook, I should hold ctrl while booting and then macbook will allow to boot from the pendrive.

I did not succeed so I ask: are the above correct and sufficient?

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My MacBook Pro can boot from USB drives created with UNetbootin from an original Ubuntu iso.

If the mac boot-manager still doesn't see it, you might want to consider installing rEFInd.

Hope this helps.

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