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I'm not even sure how to sum this into a proper question. My setup is the following:

Intel HD Graphics (onboard video Intel H61 HDMI)

  • Running 1 monitor from DVI
  • Running Digital TV from HDMI

The HDMI is connected to a "28" Digital TV" with speakers and such. I also have a regular set of speakers on my system (on-board audio).

How do I configure my setup to play audio on the Digital TV ONLY when there is video/content playing on that display? For example, if I open a youtube video on my main monitor, the audio will come from my speakers and when I drag the video to the digital tv, the audio will come from the tv.

I don't even know if this is possible. At the moment I can set the HDMI as the default audio source, but then all sound plays on the TV instead of my speakers.

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