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good day all

after much research, and hastle, I have had no luck in finding a solution to this issue

I have in mind to create a "VPN" for Windows clients:

Forward all client traffic to a router on another separate network via port 443 (since security is an issue), this has been a need in my work place, but technicians haven't done much about it

In depth details: I want to be able to browse, download, go on to online banking, etc. securely, so Any ideas on forwarding all my traffic from my PC (or any client) to my home router, and going to the respective IP from there?

My router: NetGear DGN2200

preferably I would like to use the router alone, no other hardware needed, if possible also keep router firmware standard and not install dd-wrt on it

p.s. (I have tried a CentOS server, but someone from Guangzhou, China hacked into my server and used 500gb, which I owe the company over $400)

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